Artificial intelligence has figured out where the next coronavirus will come from

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts conducted a study and established where the new coronavirus may come from. To do this, they used artificial intelligence. As it turned out, today there are many more potential carriers of various strains of coronavirus than experts previously thought.

Markus Blagrove added that they want to know where the new threat might come from. This will allow them to prepare in advance.

One of the options for the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus is the recombination of two viruses that have already been discovered by scientists. This can happen if the same cell is infected with two viruses at once.

Accordingly, viruses recombine into a new strain, which can lead to the most unexpected consequences.

Experts have taught the computer to recognize viruses and which of the animals can carry them. Mammals were analyzed first, because they are considered the most susceptible to different strains of coronavirus.

The results showed that there was a link between 411 strains of the virus and 876 mammalian species.

This indicates that there are actually many more potential hosts for the new strains of coronavirus than experts previously thought.

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