Chinese startup builds a cordless hair dryer powered by light

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese startup Zuvi has developed a cordless hair dryer that uses light energy. A group of investors have already funded this project. This is reported by the online edition

Zuvi is a newly created brand that develops innovative hair dryer technology. He created a cordless hair dryer, improving energy efficiency with his own technology, reducing the power required to operate the device.

The dryer uses light energy to quickly dry hair in a manner similar to normal wind. Thanks to its unique heat transfer technology, the Zuvi delivers higher efficiency than classic wall-plug hair dryers. The maximum power of the device is only 290 watts. It can charge up to 90% full power in 19 minutes and weighs just 630 grams.

Cordless hair dryers are rare due to power issues. A 1200W cordless household hair dryer can run for just a few minutes with a 500 gram battery. With a total weight of almost 1 kg, conventional cordless hair dryers are impractical.

Tests carried out by Swiss testing and certification company SGS, as well as experiments carried out in the Zuvi hair laboratory, have shown that the Zuvi hairdryer retains moisture in the hair in a more natural and healthy way, increasing its smoothness, strength and color retention by 17%, 9% and 90% respectively.

The Zuvi dryer has 15 built-in sensors that collect a wide range of data, including hair moisture content, light and wind energy efficiency, and drying time. The power of light and wind is optimized depending on the temperature and humidity of the air when using the dryer.


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