US acknowledges Russia’s success in Syria

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Russia has been very successful in Syria, said US Special Representative for the SAR James Jeffrey on May 12.

During a videoconference of the Hudson Institute, an American diplomat pointed out that Moscow is defending its interests in Syria, and the position of the Russian Federation is limited military participation in Syria and thus achieve serious strategic success.

“They (Russians) are indeed quite successful militarily in Syria. The problem is that there is no political solution due to problems with (Syrian President Bashar) Assad,” RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

According to him, the United States wants to help Russia through the UN, but for this Moscow should stop supporting Assad and Iran.

In addition, Jeffrey expressed the opinion that Russia is “dissatisfied” with the Syrian president, but “does not see an alternative to him.”

Since 2011, the United States has demanded the resignation of Bashar al-Assad, and since 2014, the US military and their allies have invaded Syria under the pretext of combating terrorism. Currently, the US military controls part of the oil fields in the republic. Syrian authorities have called US actions a looting.

On March 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin held telephone conversations with Bashar Assad. The heads of state discussed the situation in the Idlib de-escalation zone.


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