New laser weapons from Lockheed Martin ready for use in the US

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the largest military contractors of the Pentagon, Lockheed Martin, is ready to present its new development to the department. The HELSI combat laser has a power of 300 kilowatts.

At the end of August, Lockheed Martin began installing combat lasers on American warships. Now it’s the turn of ground transportation.

What is known about the new weapon

  • Lockheed Martin has donated a sample of the new weapon to the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense, according to the source.
  • This is the most powerful laser that Lockheed Martin has produced to this day. It is five times the power of the HELIOS tactical laser delivered to the US Navy in August for installation on warships.
  • This 300 kilowatt class laser is already ready for integration with combat vehicles.

Lockheed Martin has increased power and efficiency, and reduced the weight and volume of continuous wave high-energy lasers, which reduces the risk to future efforts to deploy high-power laser weapons systems, said Rick Cordaro, vice president of Lockheed Martin Advanced Product Solutions.

Initially, HELSI will be used in several demonstration projects, including a laser air defense system called the High Energy Laser. Laboratory and field tests are scheduled for the end of this year.


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