Syrian air defense repels attack in Homs

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Syrian air defense systems (air defense) reflect a missile attack by Israeli aircraft in the area of ​​the city of Homs (the administrative center of the province of the same name 165 km from Damascus). This was reported on Tuesday by SANA.

According to him, the Syrian air defense forces “are firing at air targets and managed to hit several enemy missiles.” According to the agency, the Israeli Air Force strikes from the airspace of neighboring Lebanon.

The TV channel Al-Hadath , in turn, reported that the Israeli attack was subjected to a military airfield Shayrat 38 km east of Homs. According to him, at least eight missiles were fired at military facilities in the area of ​​this air base.

On February 6, the Israeli Air Force attacked army positions and military depots south of Damascus, as well as in Deraa and Al Quneitra. Then, as reported by SANA, as a result of the Israeli attack, eight Syrian troops were injured.

February 14, according to Al-Hadath, during a missile attack on the area of ​​Damascus International Airport, the outskirts of El Kiswa and Seyyed-Zeynab, three Syrian fighters and four Iranian military advisers were killed.

A statement was issued by the Syrian Armed Forces command, which stated that “the escalation of aggression by Israel will not be able to save terrorist groups suffering a crushing defeat from the Syrian army in Idlib province and in the west of Aleppo.” Israeli military reports of Israel’s attacks on Syria did not comment.


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