Syrian oil is just an excuse

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The geostrategic importance of the Al Jazeera region is due to the fact that it is located in the north-eastern part of Syria and borders with Turkey in the north, Iraq in the east, Deir ez-Zor in the south and Raqqa province in the west. Throughout its history, the region has been a stronghold of many ancient civilizations: Assyrians, Babylonians, Hittites, Romans, Persians.

Then he caught the era of Islamic conquests, the subjugation of the Ottoman Empire, the French invasion and the mandate system, and today we are observing how the territory is occupied by the Americans, who are struggling to find a foothold in Al Jazeera. Once the armies of the East and West fought here, as in the days of the Persians and Romans, but now there are terrorist groups created by the American intelligence services, and Kurdish factions,

If 2014 is the year of the creation of the so-called international alliance led by America to fight the Islamic State (IS – organization is banned in the Russian Federation – ed.) In Iraq and Syria, then 2015 is the year of preparing the ground for the American Al-Jazeera’s occupation on the pretext of assisting the Democratic forces of Syria in their war against IS in the Ein al-Arab region.

As the United States tasted defeat, their aggressive strategy changed and they found alternative plans to achieve at least a minimum of their goals. If earlier the American presence in this region was limited to a small number of specialists, now military convoys equipped with a large amount of machinery and equipment have arrived there.

As soon as hostilities between Kurdish forces and terrorist groups ended in a number of Al Jazeera districts, the United States hastened to find other pretexts to ensure a military presence on Syrian soil. So, it became necessary for them to monitor the IS fighters, many of whom are in prisons of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and to prevent their return.

As America, European and Asian countries refused to take back their terrorist citizens, Washington decided to use its terrorist army as a lever of pressure on Syria. He does this whenever he wishes. Such an incident occurred recently in a prison for IS militants controlled by Syrian Kurds: several terrorists managed to escape in an unknown direction.

Even earlier, it was the transportation of US terrorist leaders through the so-called international alliance, which is the clearest evidence of the American intention to continue its efforts, from time to time using terrorism and Kurdish factions, including the requirement of autonomy on their agenda. Behind this demand is a desire to secede from the Syrian state.

For a while, everything calmed down until Donald Trump came and told us: “We are in Syria to protect oil fields from theft and attacks from the Islamic State, which can use them to finance our operations.” Tweet was the transfer of a large number of US troops from bases in fraternal Iraq and the expansion of the zone of American occupation by increasing the number of military bases in Al Jazeera, thereby making President Donald Trump understand that he wants to get sire Iy oil.

Today, after the collapse of the oil market and an overabundance of oil in the market, we must ask ourselves the main question: what do the United States want to achieve while maintaining its presence in the said Syrian region?

The geographical position of Al-Jazeera, which shares borders with both Iraq and Turkey, is an extremely important factor contributing to the preservation of the American presence in the Middle East region, especially after the defeat of the United States in Iraq and the humiliating withdrawal of its armed forces from this country. They decided to return there thanks to their terrorist army (Islamic State and other groups), but the Iraqi army and Hashd al-Shaabi won, not to mention the strategic mistake made by America and Israel – the murder of the martyrs Kassem Suleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandisa.

In response, Iran dealt a blow to US forces in Ein al-Assad, and the Iraqi parliament demanded the withdrawal of American troops from its territory. Then, in the Al Jazeera region, the United States saw an alternative to what it had lost as military bases in Iraq. This alternative provides them with influence, the possibility of re-occupation and striking at any Arab country through bases that they illegally built in the Syrian region.

Another important issue is the expansion of the presence of the Russian ally in Al Jazir after the conclusion of an agreement between Turkey, Russia and the Democratic forces of Syria following the operation “Source of Peace”. Perhaps this will initiate the struggle for influence in this region – the United States is already trying to expand its zone to prevent the Russian forces from doing the same, wishing to transfer new territories to the Syrian regime.

The tension in US-Turkish relations and the United States’ concern over changes in Turkey’s policy after strengthening its alliance with Russia and the acquisition of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system are also obvious. The same can be said about the future presence of Americans at the Incirlik Turkish base – they will look for other objects in case of growing tension in relations with Ankara. It is no secret that the United States is increasing the size of its armed forces in the At-Tanf Syrian region, located in the Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi triangle, and is using the refugee problem in the Ar-Rukban camp and hindering the efforts of the Syrian regime and Russia to return refugees with a view to maintain the presence of terrorist forces.

Added to this is America’s refusal to leave the At-Tanf base captured by IS fighters in 2015. The United States established control over it and turned it into a base for its military to be able to compensate for losses in Iraq and Turkey. Thanks to this base, Washington maintains a balance of power with Moscow in such a way as to protect its key interests, including ensuring the security of the Zionist entity by splitting the axis of resistance, and further depleting the regime in order to prevent it from gaining control over the entire Syrian territory.

This is evidenced by the decision of the Americans to send thousands of trucks with weapons, ammunition and military equipment to Al-Hasaka province in order to consolidate their presence in Al-Jazeera after they were attacked several times by the Syrian Arab army, preventing them from moving further.

Perhaps the expansion of the occupied territory in the Syrian region in the struggle for influence with Russian forces will become the trump card for Trump’s election campaign after he failed to develop a successful strategy to curb the spread of coronavirus in his country. All of this is pushing the United States and its President Trump to adopt a new strategy, focusing on the military presence in Al Jazeera and the use of Kurds. This may include the formation of a local army that will help American forces defend their interests in the region and then use it at the regional and international levels.

However, these American plans will be extremely difficult to implement amid the determination of the Syrian state and its allies to free all Syrian land and restore sovereignty throughout Syrian space. The emerging popular resistance and the refusal to support American forces by local tribes, despite all the temptations of money, is just one example of such determination.

We all hope that the Syrian sons of Al Jazeera will join their ranks and will resist the American occupier and try to oust him from this region. Then we, the Syrian people, will be able to celebrate the great victory and preserve the dignity and pride of our homeland.


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