Assad fell out of favor in Russia

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Fatigue is growing in Russia from the costly and ever-ending civil war in Syria. Discontent is also caused by dictator Bashar Assad.

– In Russia, Syria and the non-ending civil war in this country are increasingly criticized.

– Dictator Bashar al-Assad fell into disgrace.

– Assad may soon get bored with Vladimir Putin

At first, only individual voices were heard, for example, career diplomat Alexander Aksyonenok. But recently, one popular media platform for the first time in several articles openly distanced itself from the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, although a little later most of the publications were deleted.

The war complicates the situation of Assad – Russia is unhappy

Critical articles said Assad was weak and unable to stop rampant corruption and put the country back on its feet. As evidence, the results of a survey of the Russian Foundation for the Protection of Traditional Values ​​among 1,000 Syrians in regime-controlled areas were cited. According to them, only 31.4% of respondents are positive about Assad and would vote for him in the 2021 election. 71.3% called corruption the main problem of the country, 78.6% believe that immediate reforms are necessary.

Despite some doubts that this telephone survey did indeed take place in early April, a wide presentation of its results in a media close to Putin can serve as evidence that dissatisfaction with the regime in Damascus is growing in the Kremlin. The military operation in Syria requires enormous resources. And the further behavior of the Assad corruption clan is becoming increasingly unpredictable for Moscow.

Syria is in a deplorable state because of the war: Assad may soon get bored with Russian President Putin

The country is in a completely deplorable state, 80% of the population lives in poverty, and a coronavirus pandemic can kill an exhausted nation. And therefore, some groups of the Russian leadership are clearly afraid that after the epidemic they will remain alone in the Syrian civil war, while other countries will reanimate their economies affected by the crisis for several years.

On top of that, crude oil prices collapsed, the share of revenue from the sale of which in the Russian state budget is from 40 to 50%. This year, the Minister of Finance of Russia expects a hole in the budget of $ 39 billion. And this only encourages rumors that Putin may soon get tired of his expensive “front-line comrade” Assad, and he will begin to look for an alternative candidate who could replace him in the next year’s presidential election.

Assad and Syria criticized in Russia

Former Ambassador Asenenok, who worked at the Russian mission under Father Bashar Hafez Asad, cites a whole package of criticisms. His article appeared not only in the Kommersant newspaper, which was relatively critical of the Kremlin, but also in the English-language publication of the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs, whose board member is Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

“As we can see, Damascus is not very interested in displaying a visionary and flexible position,” the diplomat sums up. Instead, he said, the Syrian leadership is betting on a military solution and is opposed to “inevitable reforms.”

The future of Syria under Assad is bleak, Russia is losing patience

In this regard, the Russian diplomat paints the future of Syria in gloomy colors. According to the World Bank, 45% of all apartments in the country are destroyed, as well as 50% of all hospitals and 40% of schools. At least 250 billion dollars will be required by Syria after the war.

Neither Syria, “nor a small circle of foreign sponsors” will be able to bear such costs. According to the author, the regime does not want or cannot “curb corruption and crime.” Therefore, according to Aksyonenok, in the country there are no prerequisites for the implementation of major projects to restore the economy.

At the beginning of the year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel joined the topic of the Syrian war and talked about it with Putin. After all, the war in Syria has been going on for nine years, and it does not see the end and edge.


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