How supermarkets make you spend more money – secrets of the trade

(ORDO NEWS) — Almost all modern supermarkets are arranged in such a way that customers start shopping after crossing the threshold.

At the same time, people do not even suspect that they are being “processed” so that as much money as possible is spent. Experts told what manipulations can be used for this.

Psychological influence

When a person approaches a supermarket, he can see “bargains”. The thought of buying this product immediately appears, even if it is not needed.

Inside, the placement of not only the shelves, but also the goods on them has been carefully thought out. Everything is aimed at spending as much money as possible.


Having your own bakery or coffee machine in the store plays a huge role. In this case, a person begins to be affected by pleasant smells at the subconscious level.

Scientists note that the most pleasant are the smells of fresh bread, coffee and freshly cut grass. The aromas of baking can cause hunger, and in this case, purchases will be made much more than originally planned.

Promotions and discounts

Many people know that often discounts can be far from discounts. In the first case, such manipulations are carried out when the goods will soon expire.

The second option is an initial increase in the price of products, and then a decrease to the old price.


Probably, everyone has noticed that in supermarkets rhythmic music is played at a rather fast pace. The choice was made for a reason.

Such melodies are necessary for a person to follow the pace and throw goods into the basket faster, without looking at the prepared list.

If the music is slow, then the buyer behaves calmly, lingers longer at different shelves and also makes more purchases than he needs.


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