Futurologist told, because of what humanity can die

(ORDO NEWS) — Swedish futurist Karim Jebari has provided several different reasons for how the end of the world could come and what will happen to humanity. He suggested that most likely the greatest threat to all people is war, which will affect most of the countries.

Reported by Yle.

The weapons used by many countries today, as well as numerous nuclear bombs, can cause a “nuclear winter”. As a result, the temperature on the planet will drop to critical levels. At the same time, the cold snap will be quite long and will last at least ten, or even twenty years. Because of this, farming will become impossible and famine will come on the planet.

Numerous pandemics are another threat to humanity. Particular attention should be paid to those diseases in which a person lives for quite a few years, but at the same time he infects everyone who is around.

The end of the world can be triggered by an asteroid strike or the appearance of aliens who will be extremely aggressive. At the same time, the futurist noted that global warming or death due to artificial intelligence is not a threat. The modern world can easily cope with them.


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