For the first time in the history of observations, it rained in the mountains of Greenland

(ORDO NEWS) — In mid-August, for the first time in history, it began to rain, not snow, in the Greenland mountains, which are located at an altitude of almost 3 km above sea level. Such precipitation is caused by exposure to warm air. Scientists noted that almost 7 billion tons of water fell on the ice sheet.

Reported by CNN.

Ted Scambos said that what is happening is direct evidence that warming in Greenland is happening at an incredibly fast pace. The National Science Foundation Summit was set at the highest point, allowing scientists to record changes in weather and ice at all times. 

The station was founded back in 1989 in order to observe how the weather is changing in this region. It should be noted that most of the rain fell on the southeast coast and only a small part of it reached the station.

Jennifer Mercer stressed that as a result of the rain, the work of this station will have to be changed. Now scientists must also take into account those weather phenomena that have not been observed before. In the last decade, events have begun to take place in Greenland that could not have been called normal before. 

At the same time, this happens more and more often, which no longer surprises anyone.

Experts noted the fact that rain will affect the quality of the snow. After it, an ice crust will appear, which will absorb much more sunlight until it disappears under a layer of snow. Due to the crust, there will be no full outflow of melt water, which can cause runoff at a sufficiently high altitude.


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