Deaths from monkeypox may increase in Europe

(ORDO NEWS) — The European office of the WHO made an official statement that soon the number of deaths among patients infected with monkeypox may increase.

Immediately after that, information came from the organization that two people had died outside of Africa. At the same time, it was emphasized that such severe complications are still rare now.

“As monkeypox continues to spread in Europe, we anticipate that the death rate may soon increase.

That is why our main goal is to interrupt the transmission of the disease in Europe as quickly as possible, and then stop the outbreak,” says Catherine Smallvouge, who holds the position of senior specialist for emergencies at the WHO European Office.

At the same time, the specialist emphasized that the majority of all cases of infection do not require hospitalization of patients, as well as the appointment of any special treatment.

The Ministry of Health of Spain recorded the second fatality due to infection with monkey pox. This happened literally a day after the first case of death was reported by Brazil and directly by Spain itself.

Officially, the cause of death was not named and it was emphasized that the deceased man had other serious health problems.

The WHO says monkeypox began spreading outside of Africa in May. During this time, more than 18,000 cases of infection were recorded.

A week ago, the WHO declared the disease a global emergency. It is worth noting that men who had intimate relationships with members of their own sex were most affected by monkeypox.

Immediately after infection, body temperature rose, lymph nodes increased. A rash also appeared, which looks like chicken pox.

The disease passed without the intervention of doctors in 2-3 weeks. In isolated cases, it took a month to recover.


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