Deadly downpours in Europe – just the beginning: alarming forecast announced

(ORDO NEWS) — In Europe, bad weather makes itself felt in July. It not only led to dire consequences in many countries, but also caused a lot of destruction. At the same time, experts believe that this is just the beginning and in the near future it is worth preparing for more serious and dangerous weather conditions.

It is reported by DW.

Andrea Fink emphasized the fact that the rainfall that all of Europe has been subjected to is anomalous. Due to the fact that the climate is changing rapidly, and people continue to harm the environment, such natural phenomena will soon only become more frequent. After a while, this will become the norm for the modern world.

Climate change influences the occurrence of abnormal weather conditions the most. The air temperature is constantly increasing, which allows specialists to fix new temperature records. In addition, numerous downpours have been added, which cause floods and flooding in many cities. Fink noted that the hotter it gets in the world, the more often such rains will fall.

Sebastian Sippel added that due to global warming, serious changes are taking place in the atmosphere of our planet. It is enough to raise the temperature by only 1 degree for the atmosphere to begin to absorb almost 7% more water. This leads to an increase in the humidity index and, accordingly, to an increase in the amount of precipitation.


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