Company that received a contract to deliver cargo to the moon has become bankrupt

(ORDO NEWS) — Aerospace company Masten Space Systems, which became one of six firms that signed a NASA contract in 2020 to deliver cargo to the lunar surface under the CLPS (Commercial Lunar Payload Services) program, has filed for bankruptcy.

Under the terms of the $75 million contract, Masten Space was to deliver nine scientific instruments to the lunar south pole to take samples of lunar soil and study their composition.

Plus a 12-kilogram Moon Ranger rover, which was intended to demonstrate the technology of quickly moving over long distances on the lunar surface in autonomous navigation mode without communication with the Earth.

However, the company ran into financial difficulties and therefore had to lay off many employees. Alas, this did not help her either, so Masten Space Systems filed for bankruptcy.

Let me remind you that the company’s largest creditor is SpaceX, which may absorb this company.


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