American after coronavirus temporarily lost his sight

(ORDO NEWS) — In the United States, doctors described a very unusual case that happened to a man. He suffered the coronavirus and as a result went blind in his right eye. His sight returned to him only two days later. Experts noted that such a situation can help in understanding how the infection directly affects the human immune system and makes the body consider itself an enemy and launch an attack.

Reported by ScienceAlert.

The unnamed patient was 70 years old. He complained of a runny nose, but was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of COVID-19. Literally three weeks later, the man again sought medical help, but now he had completely different symptoms.

Doctors from New York described in their report that the patient regained consciousness after a fairly severe attack of coronavirus, and literally a week later began to feel severe headaches. After some more time, darkening appeared in his right eye. It began to intensify, so soon the man began to see only some large movements. In addition, the pain intensified at those moments when he began to move his eye.

Doctors performed computed tomography and found that the cause is the presence of a strong inflammatory process in the sinuses located on the right side of the face. The case was quite serious, because under the influence of inflammation, bone destruction occurred. All inflamed material had to be removed from each cavity immediately.

At the very beginning, it seemed that the operation was successful, but after a while the pain returned again, and vision began to fall. The bacteria Streptococcus constellatus was found in the tissues. The patient was prescribed antibiotics to destroy her. Further research allowed the man to be diagnosed with rhinosinusitis, which is related to an autoimmune IgG4 disease. The doctors prescribed a course of steroids, which helped the patient to fully recover after three weeks.


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