Detect COVID-19 in 10 seconds

(ORDO NEWS) — Turkish scientists have developed a new high-precision device, Diagnovir, capable of detecting the presence of coronavirus in just 10 seconds.

In order for Diagnovir to determine whether a person is infected with COVID-19, all that is required is a saliva sample from the mouth or a swab from deep areas. The mechanism of the device is based on optical properties. Thus, pathogens are detected using a chip and an optical method created specifically for a biosensor device.

After the person has provided the sample, it is mixed with the solution and placed on the pathogen detection chip.

The advantage of Diagnovir is the presence of optical and electronic modules, due to which viruses are detected accurately, and a high selectivity of this process is ensured. According to scientists, the device has demonstrated 99% detection accuracy in preclinical tests.


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