WhatsApp secretly changed your privacy settings?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On Wednesday, a new warning spread on social media urging WhatsApp users to check their privacy settings – allegedly after secretly updating the messenger. Should you worry? What’s behind this next warning?

In May, WhatsApp makes headlines all the time. A few days after its update, which was intended to facilitate the exchange of data with Facebook and which caused a lot of controversy, there were many messages on social networks that this messenger unexpectedly updated the settings of group chats, and you urgently need to return to the previous settings.

So what’s going on? The message you probably received – most likely on Facebook – says the following: “WhatsApp has changed the settings of group chats so that they can include ‘everyone’ by default, that is, people you do not know, can add you to groups without your knowledge.

These people can be scammers, collectors, etc. You can change these settings as follows: 1. Open WhatsApp. 2. Go to the “Settings” section. 3. Go to the “Account” section. 4. Open “Confidentiality”. 5. Go to “Groups” 6. Change the settings from “All” to “My contacts”. It’s true. I checked my settings, and it really says “Everyone”, not “My contacts”.”

After receiving this message, you will probably go to your WhatsApp settings and see that “Everyone” is indeed selected there. But before you worry, I will tell you that this is almost always the case. These are the default settings and have remained that way since 2019. when WhatsApp introduced this feature.In fact, this “dangerous” update in settings has been working on your phone since 2019.

I checked WhatsApp on iPhone and Android devices, and I did not find any imposed changes in these settings. However, while this warning is misleading, you should still change this setting. If you changed it and now find that it has returned to its default value, please let me know. But so far we have not encountered this.

This is one of the most important privacy settings you should change in WhatsApp. Meanwhile, a much more significant change has taken place in terms of service renewal. If you have not accepted the new terms, your account will be limited very soon, and you will not be able to send messages and calls using this messenger. With all these changes happening to the app, it might be worth researching some of the new and modified versions of the app which you can get on fileproto, or similar websites. These will give you greater control over your privacy as well enhancing some of the other settings like themes and media sharing.

This is the most important news on WhatsApp this month – although I still advise you to check your privacy settings.

WhatsApp representatives confirmed that this warning, which has been circulating online, was at least two years late, saying that “no changes have been made to our settings … In 2019, we added new controls so that we can set a limit on the list of who can add you in the group.”


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