We drink the same water that the dinosaurs drank

(ORDO NEWS) — Yes. The water on our Earth today is the same water that has been here for almost 5 billion years. Only a small part of it escaped into space. As far as we know, no new water has formed either.

This means that there is a very high chance that the water in your glass is what thirsty dinosaurs ingested about 65 million years ago.

It’s entirely possible that you can drink the same water as a Stegosaurus or Tyrannosaurus rex thanks to the way water circulates around our planet. Dinosaur, you and I are actually part of this water cycle too.

When the water on the surface of lakes, oceans and rivers heats up, it rises into the sky in the form of tiny droplets, or vapor. As water vapor gets colder, it turns back into liquid, forming clouds.

When the liquid becomes so heavy that it can no longer stay in the atmosphere, it falls out, or “precipitates”, as rain, snow, snow, hail, or what I like best, graupel. When precipitation reaches the ground or ends up in lakes, oceans, and rivers, the cycle continues.

You, the dinosaur, and I drink water and eat foods that contain that water. We get rid of part of the water in the form of liquids or gases, for example, those that we emit when we breathe.

This information was reported by scientist Kent Keller, who studies the water under the surface of the Earth. He is a geologist at the University of Washington School of the Environment.

Water also moves in ways we don’t always think about, he says. Scientists have discovered water trapped in minerals deep in the Earth’s mantle and crust. This water is even older than the dinosaurs. It doesn’t look like liquid water in your glass, but it’s made of the same material.

“We realized that there is a lot of water down there,” Keller said. “From a chemical point of view, there is as much water there as in the oceans. It’s just in a different form.”

Another place where we find dinosaur-era water is in organic matter. When the dinosaurs died, their bodies disintegrated and became part of the Earth. Over time, some of these organic materials turned into shale, coal and oil, which we use as fuel.

The water that dinosaurs drank is made up of more than just the water we drink, minerals and organic matter. It is also what we use for showering, cooking and watering plants for food.


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