In India, prisoners escaped with salt and pepper

(ORDO NEWS) — In India, seven prisoners escaped from prison. In order to make such an original escape, they used only salt and pepper.

Reported by the Hindustan Times.

This event happened in a prison, which is located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The prisoners were supposed to go to dinner. For this, the guards released them from their cameras. The prisoners suddenly started throwing a mixture of salt, black pepper and chili in their faces. They tried to get in the eyes so that the guards could not do anything.

As a result of the attack on the guards in such an original way, seven prisoners managed to escape at once. The administration of the prison said that they had already managed to establish the identities of those who were at large. At the moment, they are actively looking for. All areas around the prison where the incident occurred are cordoned off by police.

When the prisoners attacked the guards, one of them was wounded. He was hit very hard on the head using the lock on the prison bars. The prison officer was taken to a local hospital in a rather serious condition. At the same time, five guards were attacked.

Prison breaks are not uncommon. For example, in Indonesia, a tunnel was dug right from the camera. It was made by a prisoner who was awaiting death. The prison staff quickly discovered the passage that led to the nearest sewer pipe.


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