US military publishes UFO incident reports

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The U.S. Navy has released several reports in which pilots talk about meetings with UFOs – unidentified flying objects, writes the New York Times.

The publication notes that it received reports in response to a media request in accordance with the law on freedom of information. They refer to eight cases that occurred from June 27, 2013 to February 13, 2019, and in some of them UFOs were noticed “in dangerous proximity” from the pilots.

Some incidents were reported earlier, writes the New York Times, but these “reports on dangerous situations” outlines exactly what the pilots faced.

So, on March 26, 2014 over the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the city of Virginia Beach, a certain silver-colored object “about the size of a suitcase” was noticed. As the radar showed, it flew about a thousand feet (305 meters) from one of the aircraft.

In several incidents, combat squadrons from the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt took part. So, the former pilot of the F / A-18 Super Hornet fighter, Lieutenant Ryan Graves, said that last year, near Virginia Beach, he saw an object resembling a “sphere containing a cube.”

Another incident occurred on June 27, 2013. The report says that the unidentified flying object “was white and in size and shape roughly corresponded to a drone or rocket.” However, that day there were no missile launches or drones in the area.

According to the newspaper, experts believe that similar incidents can be found “earthly explanations.” And according to astrophysicists, “even the absence of a plausible earthly explanation does not make an extraterrestrial explanation plausible.”

In late April, the Pentagon posted three videos on its website that capture “unidentified phenomena.” One of them was shot in November 2004, the other two – in January 2015. On the records made from military aircraft, some flying objects are visible, which in appearance can not be attributed either to airplanes, or to helicopters, or to other known aircraft.


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