Who are Jinn and how can they ruin a person’s life

(ORDO NEWS) — For many years, magical creatures have been known that live in a lamp and are able to fulfill three cherished desires. Genies are quite popular mythical creatures, both adults and small children know about them. But few people know about their origin, main purpose and features. The article will tell you basic information about genies and fascinating facts about these magical creatures.

Types of genies

Al-Amiru are jinn who stay with people on an invisible level in their homes. Basically, they do not harm people, with rare exceptions. But those of them who stay in the bathrooms (bathroom, toilet) will be shaitans (devils). Therefore, we are ordered to pronounce “a’uzubillah” (glorification-amulet from witchcraft and overcoming by demons, genies) before entering the toilet. Saying “a’uzu billahi minashaitanir rajim” protects a person from their harm.

Al-Karina is a genie who accompanies a person for life, from his birth to death (in other words, he is born with a person and assigned to him for life). He inspires bad thoughts, makes him commit bad deeds, causes constant doubts (vasvasas of various kinds), leading a person to many sins and a bad outcome. His craft is to incite evil and to turn a person away from what is good and what is permitted.

Al-Maridu – genies with huge bodies, one might say giant jinn.

Al Ifrit. This type of jinn is the strongest, most powerful, for the strength of its influence, gigantism of the body is not needed. For example, even the smallest Ifrit is able to kill the largest giant – the genie Marid, he is so strong.

Umyomu-Sibyan. This type of jinn becomes an obstacle to conception in women (it can cause infertility). In addition, he kills children under the age of seven, brings discord into the family, causes fitnah between husband and wife. This type also licks the unwashed, dirty mouths of children, makes them vomit, weakens them, brings various diseases to them.

Al-Gawlu (Ghilan) – translated from Arabic means “manifested in the night.” He accompanies a person who goes out on safar (any trip) alone. He also appears near lonely people (who have no family, children). His trade is to instill fear in a person on the way (on any road, trip), intimidate him, cause all sorts of harm, obstacles on the road, whether it is leading astray (taking the wrong road) or something else. As a result of the actions of genies of this type, a person finds himself in unforeseen unpleasant situations, intricacies and sihr. Once the Prophet ﷺ was asked: “What is Jinn al-Ghilan?” The Prophet ﷺ replied that this is a jinn working on sihr (that is, doing sihr, tricks).

As-Sulat, Ad-Dalgab, Ash-Shik – there are a lot of genies, we will not list them all and stop at this.

Genie – the origin of the image

Jinn are spirits in Arabic mythology. According to the legends, the genies originated from pure flame and are not affected by any of the 5 human senses. Previously, the Arabs extolled the creatures represented, they were on a par with God.

Iblis was the very first genie. He was a slave of the Almighty, and later, for faithful service and devotion, the creature was promoted, and it became an angel, but then it refused to command the Prophet Adam, thereby disobeying Allah, because of which it was expelled and cursed. It should also be noted that the main purpose of this magical creature is the worship of the Almighty. It is desirable for the spirit to follow all Islamic rules.

Pay attention! Among the representatives, there are some individuals, genie magicians, who are preachers and religious figures, they convey the teachings of Muhammad to the rest. This kind of creatures has wisdom and has a huge store of knowledge. Some people believe that these beings have the ability to predict the future, which is why human soothsayers and sorcerers turn to them for help.

Jinnah is capable of both harm and benefit. A person who falls into the hands of a lamp must constantly remember that bad desires, and desires that harm people, will come true only by the will of Allah.

As for the habitat, these creatures live separately from people. These mythical creatures have a separate world with special animals and plants in which they live. Despite the fact that these characters live in a different world, it thrives in parallel with the human one. Because of this, they quietly visit the human world, and people do not notice it. The mechanism only works in one direction. That is, genies have the opportunity to visit the human world, and people are not able to be in the universe of jinn.

When this mythical creature comes from its world to the human one, it performs the following functions:

  • It is able to whisper in the ear of soothsayers and sorcerers about previous events.
  • The creature is able to induce a person to commit sin.
  • The genie also has the ability to elicit a person’s deepest desires.

Where do genies live?

Genies exist separately from people, in their own world inhabited by their own animals. A person may believe in jinn at all or not, but their universe exists in parallel with the human world, and jinn can enter the world of people at any time whenever they want, but people cannot do this. Genies quite often visit the world of people, penetrating into it from their own world, and not only at the moments when one of the people wants to call the spirit of the genie, but also on their own. Penetrating into the world of people from their world-vessel, the genies can whisper to the predictors some secret knowledge about upcoming events that they managed to overhear in heaven. Genies know how to induce a person to commit a sin, make him believe in himself, find out his innermost desires, whispering to him persuasion and flattering speeches,

Jinn in mythology

Characters occupy a separate place in mythology. In the mythology of different countries, creatures have different meanings. In the presented subparagraph, the primary information about these spirits and what they mean in the mythology of different countries will be told.

For example, in Islam they appear as sacred beings. In Western mythology, the genie is known from such works as The Thousand and One Nights. There he is presented in the form of a certain wizard who has the appearance of a man, he is forever imprisoned in a lamp and is able to fulfill the three wishes of the one who freed him. Freeing a creature is easy enough. You just need to rub the lamp and the spirit will fly out.

Jinn in religion

The appearance of the creature is also very common in religion, mainly in Islam. There, believing the legends, there were three varieties of the Divine:

  • Angels made from light.
  • People made of clay.
  • Jinn, embodied in the light from the flame.

The very name of the creature comes from the word “janna”, which in Arabic means secretive. That is, it means that the creatures cannot be seen by ordinary people. Creatures are given the right to choose whether to be religious and obey Islam in everything, or to step aside from religious rules and take the side of darkness. Among the representatives of the jinn there are both the righteous (Muslims) and apostates who faithfully serve Satan. Such spirits are called “shaitans”.

Mythical creatures are similar to people. They also need to take strength from somewhere to live and eat, they also get married, have children and die. Among these characters there are also prophets. A fair trial is held over them after death and it is decided who will go to heaven and who will go to hell.

Some popular personalities represented and represent these mythical creatures in different ways. For example, Ibn Taymiyyah considered them ignorant, treacherous and unrighteous. Abdullah ibn Masud claimed that he saw the creatures with his own eyes and described them as various living images, ranging from reptiles and snakes to tall people in white clothes.

There are also genies of Suleiman. Believing the Koran, Suleiman is a rather great ruler of the kingdom of Israel. The character received a special power from the Creator, which helped control the strongest and most powerful genies. Suleiman forced the mythical creatures to work harder and more productively, and if the creatures did not cope with the task, then Suleiman had the right to punish them.

Jinn are also present in folklore. The mythical creatures represented were popular in Arabic and Muslim mythology. There they acted as villains and were compared with demons and devils. Genie’s magic has the power to hurt, but also to create something good and beautiful for the world. The characters were also present in Azerbaijan. In the works of Azerbaijan, they love horse riding very much, and also become obedient servants of those who stick a needle into their body. To get rid of this patronage, the creature secretly from the owner asks the child to remove the needle from his body and promises to give an apple.

Interesting is the belief of the Palestinians in the represented spirits. They are convinced that genies are creatures that are able to betray their appearance in various forms. Also, people believe that at night these characters appear on the streets of cities. It is because of this that the locals try not to sit on the steps in the evening, and if they walk on the steps, they whisper the name of God.

Jinn in modern culture

Genie from the cartoon “Aladdin”

The image of the character is present in many films, cartoons, video games and literary works. A very famous cartoon about the genie, after which the character gained great popularity, is the picture “Aladdin”.

But also this hero appears in such cartoons and television series as:

  • “Return of Jafar”;
  • “Supernatural”;
  • “Charmed”.

There are also a large number of films about genies. For example, the film “Old Man Hottabych”, which was filmed in 1956 in the USSR. The plot is quite simple and understandable. A twelve-year-old boy, swimming in the river, finds a unique artifact, a sealed vessel. The boy’s curiosity is so strong that at the first opportunity, the hero opens the flask and a spirit appears from it, which is a genie. Due to the fact that the boy gave freedom to the spirit after two hundred years of captivity, the mythical character becomes his faithful servant.

Also in the 2019 Aladdin movie, which was filmed by Disney, the described mythical character plays a rather important role. The picture tells about a poor young man who accidentally finds a magic lamp from which a genie emerges. A wonderful spirit promises to fulfill the three wishes of the protagonist. Throughout the film, a lot of inexplicable and enchanting things happen to the characters, which makes the picture very exciting to watch.

The mythical creature has also appeared:

  • “Magic lamp of Aladdin”;
  • “Maker of Desires”;
  • “Clash of the Titans”.

“Clash of the Titans”

Genies also appear in video games. One of the most prestigious and popular games featuring this character is The Witcher 3.

Qur’an about invisible beings

In the name of God, Sparing, Pitying

Mystical phenomena occupy a large place in the life of mankind. Traceable to the ancient Greeks, observed in Eastern beliefs, present in all religions, mysticism relies entirely on invisible possibilities. This fact is due to the desire to find a connection with supernatural forces, with the help of which people hope to achieve a higher form of the state of the soul and body, and also use them for their earthly purposes. Quite reasonable beings serve as a source of otherworldly forces. We can find descriptions of such creations in the Qur’an.

In the Qur’an, intelligent beings hidden from human eyes, having great possibilities of creation, are called the word “Jin”, which means “hidden, invisible, invisible.”

Like people, genies (hereinafter – invisible) are created to serve their Creator:

I created the invisible and the people to serve Me! (51:56)

Due to the limited possibilities of man, empirically, people could not study the nature of invisible beings, but the Precept gives the essence of their nature.

but the invisible We created before, from poisoned fire. (15:27)

Created invisible from mixed fire. (55:15)

Possessing higher physical and mental capabilities, invisible creatures inspired fear and awe, which was expressed in the deification of these creations.

They established the invisible ones as partakers of God, senselessly numbering His sons and daughters without knowledge, although He created them! Praise be to Him, He is above what they attribute! (6:100)

Without the guidance of the Lord, the human mind could only understand that the beings hidden from their eyes are different. This is also reported by the cited verse, where the division into sons and daughters is an incorrect worldview. Only the recognition of the fact that invisible beings have offspring is not a mistake:

When We said to the rulers:

“Prostrate yourself before Adam,” then they prostrated themselves, with the exception of the disappointed (Iblis). He was of the invisible, and deviated from the command of his Lord. So will you really take him and his offspring as patrons besides Me?! They are your opponents! Bad for obscurantists substitution! (18:50)

In connection with His promise, God periodically sent messengers to correct mistakes. Often, in order to overcome the “bone” look of the ignorant, the messengers were endowed with special abilities. In particular, one of Solomon’s superpowers was the subordination of invisible beings to him.

Gathered to Suleiman (Solomon) his army of the invisible, people and birds. They were distributed. (27:17)

The evil one of the invisible ones called out:

“I will come to you with him before you get up from your seat, because I am strong and faithful!” (27:39)

To Suleiman (Solomon) We subdued the wind that blows back and forth – a month. We gave him a way to line up the rings.

They subdued the invisible ones who do before him, with the permission of the Lord. Whoever of them deviates from Our command, We will give him a taste of the punishment of the flame! (34:12)

After We decided to send death upon him, an earthen animal pointed to his death, lifting his staff. And after he fell dead, it became clear invisible that if they knew the secret, they would not have remained in humiliating punishment. (34:14)

Since the service of the Creator is imputed to the invisible, the admonition of the Most High did not bypass them either.

When We sent a group of the invisible to you so that they could hear the Literature (Quran), after they arrived at it, they said:


And after it was completed, they addressed their people with a warning. (46:29)

Say: “I was inspired by what a certain number of invisible people listened to, so they said: “Verily, we have heard wondrous Literature (Quran)! ..” (72:1)

The presence of reason, freedom of choice and the ability to have offspring unites us with invisible beings. As it turned out, the only difference is the physical shell. Based on this, the appeal in the Qur’an is often addressed to two beings at the same time.

O society of the invisible and people! If you can penetrate beyond heaven and earth, then pass! You will only enter by order. (55:33)

The commonality of behavior and intention dictates the similarity of actions. For the most part, like people hidden from our eyes, they have a negative attitude towards the transcendental source. Therefore, to discredit it, they descend to ordinary lies.

Truly, we did not think that people would speak and lies invisible to God! (72:5)

But the lie disappears when the truth is revealed. The truth lies in the Precept of God, which cannot be counterfeited by creatures.

Say: “If people and invisible people gathered to give like to this Literature (Quran), they would not give like, even if some of them were helpers to others!” (17:88)

In their stubborn denial of the signs of God, the tandem of people and invisible beings tried in every possible way to harm the messengers of the Lord. Therefore, they are our adversaries.

Thus, We have established for each herald disobedient opponents from people and invisible. They inspire each other with embellished words of seduction. If God had willed, they wouldn’t have done it. So leave them and what they invent, (6:112)

The interaction of people and the invisible does not lead to anything good, because the influence of invisible beings on the human brain is very strong and can lead to mental disorders.

Truly, in it is that men from people resorted to men from the invisible, but they increased their oppression! (72:6)

The voluntary desire to remain in error only aggravates the situation of a person. Being a “one field berry”, people attract negativity to themselves.

We have identified partners for them, who have decorated for them what is in front of them and what is behind them. The word was justified over them about those who came before them – from the invisible and people. Truly, they were at a loss! (41:25)

These are those over whom the word of the leaders of the invisible and the people who have gone before them has been justified! Truly, they were at a loss! (46:18)

We are not aware of the consequences of our life activity. Everything will have to be answered. Those who do not believe this will face a horrific reality.

We have created for Hell many invisible and people who have hearts that they do not understand, eyes that they do not see, ears that they do not hear. They are like cattle! Of course they are more misguided! They are careless! (7:179)

In the absence of faith in the Day of Duty, it is easy to laugh at it and be dismissive. But for believers, the fate of such persons is clear.

On that day He will gather them all and say:

“O society of the invisible! You have achieved a lot from people!”

The people protected by them will answer:

“Our Lord! Some of us used others. We have reached our appointed time!”

He will say: “Fire is your seat! You will be there except as God wills!”

Verily, your Lord is Wise, Knowing!

Thus, We bring some obscurantists closer to others for what they gain!

“O society of the invisible and people! Did not messengers from among you come to you, telling you about My signs and warning you about your meeting on this day?

They will answer: “We testify against ourselves!”

Their life seduced them, and they testified against themselves that they were closed! (6:128-130)

God will say: “Enter among the leaders, who passed before you from the invisible and the people, into the fire!”

Each time the incoming headship cursed the other. And when they had filled everything, the last said of the first of them:

“God! These knocked us down, so send them a double punishment from the fire!

He replied: “Double to each, only you don’t know!” (7:38)

They will answer: “Glory to Thee, You are our protector besides them! Of course they served the invisible, most of them believed them!” (34:41)

Those who closed said:

“Our Lord, show us those two of the people and the invisible ones who brought us down. We will set them under our feet so that they become inferior!” (41:29)

On that day, neither man nor the invisible will be asked about faults! (55:39)

People should not be deceived by superpowers achieved through interaction with supernatural forces. Even the recognition of God does not guarantee salvation from punishment, since we will be judged precisely for our actions.

Jinn in Islam

Believing Muslims believe that in parallel with the world of people there are invisible creatures, which are called jinn. They are evil and do not follow the commands of God.

Many, especially representatives of other cultures and religions, are wondering: do genies exist or are they just fairy tales and legends?

In Islam, believers do not deny that genies exist, because otherwise, it would be a contradiction to the Sunnah and the Koran.

Jinn Quran

Despite the fact that genies are “invisible” invisible to ordinary human vision, practically no one in Islam doubts their reality and the existence of a parallel special, subtle world.

However, there is no actual evidence that anyone has met the genies in person or seen with their own eyes what their world looks like. Information is drawn from the texts of the Holy Book.

The Qur’an mentions jinn in ten suras in forty verses. “Jins” – such a name is even assigned to a separate sura. Christian analogues of these creatures are usually called demons, devils and demons.

Qur’an expelling the genies

Most Muslims are not interested in who the genies are, but in information about their exile and treatment. It is recognized that a large percentage of people are afflicted with mental illness, which Muslims attribute to obsession with jinn (shaitans).

Before proceeding to treatment or, as they say in Islam, to exile, they find out the reason why a genie moved into a person.

Why did the genie take over. The Quran explains.

The Qur’an talks about jinn as negative entities that you should not joke with. It is believed that people become possessed after trying to contact, call the jinn. Also, the cause is found in unintentionally caused harm to them. As a result, the jinn get angry and try to disturb the mental health and peace of the offenders, filling their lives with problems.

Muslims believe that a genie can settle in a person’s body and destroy his familiar world at the will of the sorcerer, after he has read the appropriate spell (conspiracy).

Jinn Quran

For the jinn to leave, it is customary to read the Koran. It is better if the sick person visits the mosque regularly. If he refuses – this often happens, it is believed that the jinn are opposed to inviting a reader to the house for this, who does it right.

If the disease arose at the behest of a witchcraft spell, it is possible to expel the genie from the human body only after the destruction of witchcraft.

Whatever the cause of the disease, Muslims are allowed to use only Sharia-allowed procedures for expelling (treatment from) genies. For believing Muslims, turning to sorcerers (magicians, psychics, fortune-tellers) is prohibited.

Genie religion

Some jinn are Muslim. The Holy Quran says that among the jinn there are both Muslims and deviants. Those of the jinn who became Muslims expressed a desire to choose a straight path and followed them.

Like humans, jinn have the right to choose, which the Almighty has given them: they can choose their religion at will, just as humans can. Among the jinn there are both Muslims and Christians, and Jews. Among the jinn there are those who, like some people, worship Iblis.

What happened to the genies with the advent of the prophet

Before the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ came into the world, jinn were engaged in stealing secrets from heaven in order to later pass them on to sorcerers, fortune-tellers and soothsayers who would dare to call the genie. Those, in turn, could use this knowledge to gain influence over other people due to the fact that they fraudulently predicted the future, trying to look like real fortune-tellers and arouse respect among people and interest in their abilities. When the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ came, who brought Islam to the world of people, the angels stood up to protect heaven from the jinn, which they did by throwing meteorites at the jinn. This is stated in the Qur’an: “We reached the sky, but found that it was filled with harsh guardians and blazing fires. We used to sit there on our seats to eavesdrop. But whoever listens now will find

The harm and benefits of genies

People who practice witchcraft and magic use jinn in witchcraft for their own purposes – either to harm another person, or to help him, heal him or protect him. But the Qur’an says that those who turned to jinn for protection, along with protection and fulfillment of desire, received increasing fear and lawlessness.

People should remember that jinn can harm people only by the will of Allah, so one should always strive to ensure that Allah helps people protect themselves from jinn. And if there is no permission of the Almighty, all the intrigues of the jinn, secret conversations from the devil, the purpose of which is to lead the believer astray from the true path, will lead to nothing.

The world of genies and ways to protect against them

Along with people and angels, the Almighty, according to his plan, created genies – intelligent creatures living in their own world.

Unlike humans, they have some advantages. For example, jinn can see people perfectly, but we can’t see them. In addition, a person is not able to penetrate the parallel world of genies, and they, in turn, very often resort to such an opportunity, contribute to the behavior of the inhabitants of our planet.

However, jinn, like humans, are mortal. They also have the freedom of choice in earthly life, and therefore will be resurrected with us on the Day of Judgment, they will also have to bear responsibility for their actions.

In the ranks of these creatures there are both sincere believers and atheists. And some Muslim theologians express the version that there are jinns-Jews, Christians, pagans and representatives of other faiths.

Jinn’s penetration into the human world

Muslim Ulama are in solidarity with the opinion that jinn can penetrate into the human world. They can harm people in a variety of ways. So, al-Hakim cites an interesting statement of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): “A plague is an injection from hostile jinn.”

Jinn can not only bring trouble to a person, but also move into his body. Moreover, this happens either at the genie’s own will, or at the behest of the sorcerer. Sometimes people turn to the services of black magic in order to harm others, cause damage. That is what genies are used for.

Being in the human body, the genie, first of all, affects the psyche. The “victim” experiences insanity, neurosis, inappropriate behavior, insomnia, constant worries, sadness, and so on. Also, if a genie has settled in a person, he can hear extraneous voices, thoughts of suicide can visit him, and nightmares can occur for a long time. And, as a rule, in such situations, psychologists and psychiatrists are powerless.

How to protect yourself from genies?

1. Pronunciation of the dua

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “The words of the believer, which he must pronounce when taking off his clothes, will become an obstacle between a person and a jinn: “Bismillahillazi la ilaha illa khuar-rahmanur-rahim” (Tirmizi). You can also use the following dua from genies:

“Aauzu bi`izzatillah-lazi la ilaha illa anta an-tudilyani, an-ta al-hai-yu lazi la yamutu, wal jinna wal in-su yamutun”

Translation: “I resort to the protection of Your glory, O He, except for Whom there is no deity, with a prayer that I do not fall into error according to Your will, You are the Living One, Whom death will not overtake, while jinn and people are mortal” ( Bukhari, Muslim).

2. Pronunciation “Bismillah”

Secondly, when entering and leaving the house, one should say “Bismillahir-rahmanir-rahim” (“In the Name of Allah, the Gracious and Merciful”). In a hadith cited by Imam Muslim, it is noted that the devil will not be able to enter a house in which the bismillah is pronounced. The situation is similar with the evil genies who serve Iblis. Based on this, for any action, whether it is entering the house and leaving, the beginning of a meal, before going to bed and after sleeping, you should pronounce these words.

3. Avoid abandoned and unclean places

It is believed that genies prefer to dwell in abandoned and dirty places, and at night also in stagnant water. In addition, they like to be where there is sewage – for example, in toilets, baths, in landfills and markets. For this reason, before visiting such places, you need to say the phrase “Aguzu billahi minash-shaitanir-rajim” (“I resort to the protection of Allah from the damned shaitan”), and then, by the will of the Almighty, a person will be protected from the machinations of any evil spirits.

4. Reading the Noble Quran

Reading the Book of Allah should be mentioned among the most effective ways. This will protect both the house in which the believer lives, and will become a barrier for jinn who want to settle in the body of a person. Here’s the thing: reading the Qur’an has a negative effect on the evil jinn, whose bodies are gradually burned when pronouncing the verses. The jinn know this very well and therefore they are wary of God-fearing people. If a person doubts his ability to read the Holy Text, then you can also listen to the verses through audio recordings (our section of the Quran will help you with this – ed.).

5. Refusal to commit witchcraft and appeal to magicians

Witchcraft is an activity that is directly related to the jinn. For this reason, when a person begins to practice black magic himself or resorts to the services of sorcerers, he becomes vulnerable to genies, and they can safely settle in his body. Falling into any serious sin, a person moves away from the Almighty and approaches Satan, thereby becoming more vulnerable to evil spirits.

6. Saying the adhan before prayer

To protect your home from evil jinn, it is recommended to say the adhan before prayer. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) admonished: “When the adhan is pronounced, the shaitan runs away so far as not to hear it” (Bukhari, Muslim).

7. Performing other good deeds

Also, to protect against jinn, a Muslim can perform other charitable deeds. For example, to perform ablution more often, perform nafl prayers, fast on desirable days, and give alms. These works will bring him closer to the pleasure of the Lord of the worlds, who, if it be His will, will protect His servant from harm.

Genie in culture

This popular character is found not only in animation and cinema, but also in fiction, computer games.

Jonathan Stroud in “Amulet of Samarkand” described an alternative England. There, wizards gain power over the genies, using only the knowledge of their names. Powerful beings are forced to do cruel orders as slaves. The captives rebel against their masters, and a great war begins.

The Russian writer Mikhail Bakovets in his novel The Gift of the Genie fantasized about how a person suddenly gets magical abilities. As a result, he is transported into the past of the Earth and falls into the hands of space slavers.

A young artist from Azerbaijan, Zohrab Salamzade, illuminates the mystical side of the Islamic religion in his paintings. On the canvases, jinn are depicted as they appear in Muslim teachings. The Europeans associate characters with evil. For Zohrab, these are the creations of God, among which there are both bad and good.


  • IX century – “Thousand and one nights”
  • 1898 – “Why does a camel have a hump”
  • 1964 – “Monday starts on Saturday”
  • 1987 – Sleeping Genie
  • 2000 – Genie Cemetery
  • 2002 – “War with the Genies”
  • 2003 – “Amulet of Samarkand”
  • 2005 – Return of the Genie
  • 2008 – The Last Genie
  • 2011 – Genie from the Past
  • 2017 – Genie Saga: The Sleeping Genie. Genie cemetery. The war with the genies»


  • 1924 – “The Thief of Baghdad”
  • 1957 – “Old Man Hottabych”
  • 1966 – Aladdin’s Magic Lamp
  • 1976 – “The Seventh Genie”
  • 1977 – “Gharib in the country of genies”
  • 1991 – Bernard and the Genie
  • 1996 – “The genie was called?”
  • 1997 – “Wishmaster”
  • 2006 – “Hottabych”
  • 2010 – Clash of the Titans
  • 2012 – Aladdin and the Death Lamp
  • 2016 – The New Adventures of Aladdin
  • 2019 – “The Adventures of Aladdin”
  • 2019 – Aladdin

Interesting Facts

  • Mystical creatures, according to beliefs, live everywhere – in rivers, trees, markets, etc. The only place they cannot penetrate is the house where they turn to God.
  • In Delhi, locals come to the ruins of the Firuz Shah Kotla mosque to feed magical creatures, ask them to get rid of diseases and solve other problems.
  • The old man Hottabych from the story of Lazar Lagin, which served as the basis for the film adaptation of 1957, according to differentiation in Islam, is a marid.


“If a person does not take up his work for a long time, the work itself takes over him.”

“These are your oaths, women. And with us jinn, every word is true.”

“Hell is your world, not mine.”


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