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Polio virus was discovered in the USA, Britain and Israel

Polio virus was discovered in the USA Britain and Israel

The virus is dangerous for children under the age of 5

(ORDO NEWS) — Traces of poliomyelitis reappear on different continents. Poliovirus affects the spinal cord and is one of the most dangerous diseases for children under 5 years of age.

In the past, scientists managed to defeat poliomyelitis with the help of vaccination. After a long time, the poliovirus returned.

It has already been recorded that the virus appeared in several countries at the same time. Scientists are worried, the virus may again take the lives of thousands of children around the world.

In Great Britain, a sample of the virus was found in the waters of sewage treatment plants. As it turned out, samples were regularly found for several months.

The virus was last detected in Britain 10 years ago. The situation is atypical for the British, they are seriously concerned about the health of children and are starting to prepare everything necessary for vaccination of the population.

Despite the fact that vaccination against poliomyelitis is given in childhood, and it is included in the list of mandatory vaccines, all safety measures should be strengthened and a booster dose should be made mandatory.

Symptoms of the disease:

If polio is suspected, minutes count . The disease never goes away without a trace. Children either die or remain disabled.

Traces of the virus in water were also detected in the USA and Israel. Not only poor countries, where there is no medicine and children are not vaccinated, can suffer. Developed countries are under threat.

The director of the pharmaceutical market, Andrew Pollard, is sure that if the virus appeared in Britain, real outbreaks will soon follow throughout Europe and the world.

Poliovirus spreads very quickly and is transmitted from person to person.

Today, vaccination will not be able to stop the spread of the disease, especially if a live vaccine is used.

Therefore, it is possible that there will be a new lockdown in the world if a polio epidemic begins.


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