Amazing cloud formation captured over the Rock of Gibraltar

(ORDO NEWS) — An unusual cloud formation was captured by eyewitnesses over the Rock of Gibraltar. From the side it seemed that the cloud flowed from the top of the cliff.

Those who landed or took off at Gibraltar International Airport on the morning of August 24th had a breathtaking view of the famous monolithic peak covered with an amazing cloud that seemed to flow around it.

The Gibraltar Met Office filmed an amazing video of the phenomenon and shared it on Twitter.

According to experts, the cloud is formed when the moisture contained in the wind rises up the 426-meter-high cliff.

Because the temperature is cooler at the top of the cliff, it condenses moisture as the wind increases, creating unusual cloud formations.

As the wind continues to blow, it pushes the cloud over the summit, resulting in a lift effect.

In the summer, these cloud formations can act as a kind of lid that traps hot, humid air on the mountain’s west side for days, which can aggravate certain conditions like asthma and arthritis, according to MeteoGib.

They can even affect animals living nearby due to the rain shadow effect, resulting in a piece of land turning into a desert, as the mountain ranges do not allow rain clouds to pass through.

But despite the danger they can pose, these clouds can be extremely spectacular.


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