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Negative impact of electronic cigarettes on health has been revealed

Negative impact of electronic cigarettes on health has been revealed

Negative effects of electronic cigarettes

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists conducted a new study and found that regular use of electronic cigarettes can cause the development of obstruction of small airways. In this case, symptoms appear that are very similar to asthma.

Such conclusions were made by employees of the Massachusetts General Hospital. At the first stage of studying the issue, a microscopic study of the lung tissue of those people who constantly smoke electronic cigarettes was carried out.

In some of the samples, experts found the presence of fibrosis, as well as serious damage to the small airways.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the resulting damage is very similar to what occurs in the lungs due to the inhalation of chemicals.

Often this is recorded in soldiers who inhaled mustard gas or other types of harmful gases with similar characteristics.

A study conducted showed that almost 9% of the population, and even 28% of children who attend high school in the United States, use electronic cigarettes.

What needs to be emphasized in this situation is that scientists do not know what the long-term health risks of vaping may be.

In addition, during the study, scientists examined four patients. They used electronic cigarettes for 3-8 years. All of them received a detailed clinical evaluation.

Doctors took a high-resolution chest image, performed certain lung function tests, and performed a surgical lung biopsy.

Narrowing of the small airways was found in each of the examined patients, which was a consequence of fibrosis inside the bronchial wall.

In the sputum samples and in the cells of the respiratory tract, there was an excessive release of protein, which acquired a gel-like form.

Scientists ruled out all possible causes of such damage and found that after the patients stopped using electronic cigarettes for a while, their condition improved slightly. They concluded that it is vaping that causes lung damage.


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