Most people don’t need a third coronavirus vaccine

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(ORDO NEWS) — Several countries have already begun vaccinating local residents with a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine. It is worth noting that until today there is absolutely no information about the fact that there is even the slightest need for this.

Such conclusions were made by a team of specialists from different countries. Some of them are representatives of the FDA and WHO. Reported by The New York Times.

Philip Krause and Marion Gruber are among 18 authors who participated in the study. They made a statement some time ago that they are leaving the FDA. Part of the reason is that they disagreed with Joe Biden that a third booster dose of the vaccine should be given.

Scientists note that the third vaccination may only benefit some people who have very weak immunity. In general, every person does not need to do them, because in this case, several billion people around the world will be left without a vaccine.

Due to the fact that there is a limited supply of drugs, most of all they will be needed by those people who have serious illnesses. The third shot is best used to protect them from the coronavirus.

The booster dose is the third vaccination against coronavirus, which is given six months after the immunization was carried out. The effectiveness of the vaccine has become somewhat lower, and the need for a third vaccination has increased due to the fact that the virus has mutated somewhat and has become more hardy.


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