Long-term covid is much less common than previously thought

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the UK said that the symptoms of coronavirus in those who have been ill persist for at least three months in only one patient out of forty. 

Previously, experts believed that such a phenomenon as postcoid syndrome occurred in almost every tenth person. This data has been obtained by the United Kingdom‘s National Statistics Office. It is reported by the BBC.

During the study, information was analyzed on the condition of 50 thousand people, half of whom were sick with coronavirus. Patients were interviewed three weeks later about symptoms such as:

• Headaches and fever;
• Fatigue and weakness;
• Muscle pain;
• Pain in the abdomen, diarrhea;
• Loss of taste or smell;
• Shortness of breath;
• Sore throat and severe cough.

Approximately 3% of those who have had coronavirus said that they have at least one of the above symptoms. 

The presence of signs was also recorded in 0.5% of people who did not get sick. After that, it was concluded that in one person in forty, symptoms persisted for three months or even longer. 

Additionally, scientists have found that women and the elderly are more likely to experience long-term symptoms of the disease.


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