“Godzilla” from the Sahara desert covers US

(ORDO NEWS) — A huge cloud of dust from the Sahara desert reached the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Experts called it the “Godzilla dust cloud.”

Environmentalists report that the resulting cloud of dust is so huge that it can be seen even from space. It arrived on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, markedly worsening air quality.

According to environmentalists, this is the most significant event in the last 50 years. In most Caribbean islands, living conditions are becoming dangerous.

The movement of dust clouds around the planet has been recorded by scientists since 2002. Atmospheric scientist Michael Lowry previously said that they have not yet observed such an extreme dust flare for the entire duration of their observations.

Dust clouds cross the Atlantic Ocean annually, but very rarely in such volumes. According to scientists, this air-dust layer occurs in mid-June, and by mid-August reaches a peak.

The dust layer can travel thousands of miles from the African coast, which, for example, favorably affects the forests of the Amazon . Dust carries organic matter and can be a fertilizer for plants. Wind-borne dust can also be used to form beaches in the Caribbean.

However, not everyone is happy with this state of affairs, as local residents will not see a clear blue sky for a long time, and allergy sufferers will suffer even more. In addition, dust particles can complicate the condition of people with COVID-19.


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