Foods to help relieve tension and stress

(ORDO NEWS) — The quality of life depends on the state of the nervous system. Breakdowns, depression and neuroses not only weaken the body, making it vulnerable to disease, but also interfere with normal communication with others. To improve your health, you need to make sure that you have enough foods rich in vitamins B1, B2 and B12 in your diet.

Constant mental stress leads to exhaustion and burnout, which is fraught with failures at work. This is especially true for people whose work requires stress resistance. To move only forward, you need to eat foods with essential vitamin B1. It can be buckwheat and oatmeal, rye bread, nuts, cauliflower.

If your activity is associated with constant mental stress, then it is recommended to eat more foods rich in vitamin B2. It is found in legumes, spinach, apricots, cheese, and milk.

Vitamin B12 is responsible for normal amino acid metabolism, prevention of anemia and normal development of nervous tissue. It is abundant in fish and dairy products (cheese, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt).

Iodine is also important for mental health, as it is necessary for normal brain function. Plus, it is iodine that maintains hormonal balance in the body. There is a lot of this substance in seafood. Iodine is also found in vegetables and fruits: black currants, cucumbers, potatoes, persimmons.

It should be noted that an overabundance of these vitamins is also not good. You can harm the body. If you feel great, then you shouldn’t increase your intake of the above foods. Also, in no case take vitamins in pill form. They should be prescribed by a doctor based on your condition. No need to self-medicate.


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