A peptide has been created that prevents the coronavirus from multiplying in the human body

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, using computational models of protein interactions, have created a peptide that can be used to bind coronavirus proteins. Then they will be redirected to another cell path, where they will split. Specialists are confident that with the help of this peptide it will be possible to prevent the virus from multiplying in the human body.

Today, scientists conduct a huge amount of research in order to develop anti-coronavirus drugs. Particular attention is paid to the development of antibodies that can deactivate proteins of the virus, especially those that are used to penetrate the human body. Experts have proposed in this situation to use not antibodies, but peptides, which are small fragments of special proteins.

It was assumed that a special peptide would be created, which, when it enters the human body, not only detects the coronavirus, but also can decompose it. As a result of research, 25 peptides were originally created that can cope with this process. After peptides were tested on human cells, the most effective variant was determined – the RBD binding domain receptor. The peptide contains 23 amino acids. It can break down approximately 20% of the proteins present in cells.

At the moment, specialists plan to test on those cells that were infected with coronavirus. Verification will be carried out in specialized laboratories. If you can get a positive result, then animal testing will begin.


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