Leak from laboratory is almost impossible COVID-19 report provided

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(ORDO NEWS) — Most experts from different countries are completely sure that the coronavirus is of a completely natural origin. They note that the leak of the virus from the laboratory seems unlikely and there is some evidence for this.

Reported by Cell.

Maps, which accurately mark the locations of the first cases of coronavirus, show that this happened near the wholesale seafood market located in Wuhan. In addition, several cases have been reported in some other animal markets.

In just a few weeks, the coronavirus spread throughout the planet. The first deaths were officially announced in early 2020. It is worth noting that they were also related to animal markets. 

This indicates exactly where the pandemic began to develop and where the most intense transmission of the virus was recorded. Stephen Goldstein stated that it was in the Wuhan market that the disease began to spread and that the infection may have occurred in some other markets.

The Wuhan laboratory has been repeatedly accused of leaking the virus from it. But the first cases were not reported in the immediate vicinity of the Institute. There is absolutely no evidence that the coronavirus is of artificial origin or that the laboratory staff were closely associated with it.

At the same time, despite the huge amount of evidence that SARS-CoV-2 was transmitted from animals, individuals infected with it have not yet been found. Therefore, the version with a leak from the laboratory is still relevant to this day and is not completely rejected.


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