US infectious disease specialist told when the coronavirus pandemic could end

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(ORDO NEWS) — Anthony Fauci, who holds the position of the chief infectious disease specialist in the United States, made a forecast as to when the coronavirus pandemic will end in the world. He is confident that the virus will stop spreading in the spring of next year.

He also added that the coronavirus has already mutated several times and thus “deceived” scientists, so it is not possible to name the exact timing of the end of the pandemic. Reported by The Telegraph.

Fauci stressed that the coronavirus is an extremely unpleasant experience that all of humanity had to face. He recalled that when everyone was waiting for the end of the pandemic, a mutation occurred and a completely new strain of the virus appeared.

For example, in the United States at the beginning of summer, the number of infections has noticeably decreased. After some time, the Delta strain unexpectedly appeared, which turned out to be much more dangerous than the previous type of coronavirus.

This was the reason that to date, a huge number of infected people are again recorded throughout the country.

The Delta strain is predominantly dominant in the United States today, especially among those Americans who have not yet received the vaccine. At the same time, the number of infected is 300% more than it was at this time in 2020.

In addition, the death rate also increased by almost 86%. Every day, many people in the United States are sick, which makes the country the leader in terms of incidence among other states.


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