Time and its interaction with matter

(ORDO NEWS) — Alexander Russkov shared his understanding of time and its interaction with matter. The style of the author is saved.

Time is a change in the coordinates of all particles / energies in the space of the Universe (s) relative to each other. The movement and presence of these particles / energies are the basic conditions for the existence of time. The movement of these particles / energies is of a different nature. The expansion of the universe, the movement of the planets relative to each other, relative to its axis, vector, character, direction, etc. determine the properties of time.

Time relativity

A second is relative time, or rather, the speed and nature of the movement of particles / energies relative to each other in a given coordinate system. The generally accepted speed and time are just the relative speed and time for a given period of “breathing” of the Universe (s) in a specific coordinate system in which these parameters periodically change, thereby changing all other laws of the space of the Universe (s).

Time inside objects (the Universe, galaxy, Earth, a person, a cell, a quark, etc.) has different properties and flows differently relative to each other due to a change in coordinates relative to the conditional center of the Universe, relative to each other and relative to the rest of the presumably infinitely existing coordinate systems unknown to mankind for a given period of development.

That is, the time for a specific coordinate system (Universe, galaxy, solar system, etc.) is a kind of “nesting doll” in which each system has its own speed of movement and rotation, and is supplemented by larger systems, of which it is a part .

Each of the systems is additionally untwisted by others, representing a kind of flywheel with acceleration at the boundaries of these systems. Person, getting into space of our solar system leaves the coordinate system of the planet and the rotation speed of the Earth ceases to act on it and thereby time slows down for it. It is assumed that the larger the system, the more time it slows down relative to smaller ones.

Time and its interaction with matter 2

The question of the possibility of the absence of motion, as the main condition for the existence of time, is an unresolved basic question in mathematics for solving the interaction of zero and infinity.


A clock measures the number of cycles – this is just an additional “scanty” tool for determining our coordinates relative to the Sun and no more, since we lack knowledge.

When a person stands still, then in his coordinate system (Earth + time), he stands still and moves only time, but relative to other coordinate systems, a motionless person moves with great speed.

This is the sum of the speeds and directions of such different systems as: the rotation of the Earth around its axis, the rotation of the Earth around the Sun, the movement of the Earth inside our Galaxy, the movement of the Galaxy itself in interstellar space, etc.

The addition of all these changes in movements is a change in the very coordinate in space that we call time. The problem is that we don’t know this coordinate, therefore we use this “scanty” tool in the formulas to help us conditionally determine the laws of motion.

Imagine that you decided to meet someone in interstellar space. How do you do this? You are from planet Earth, and your friend is from planet Pandora. What hours will you be guided by? And if you are three from different systems? The problem is that the coordinate system is much more complicated than we imagine, so we can’t navigate it and attached ourselves to the Sun and the Earth.

Conditional Center of the Universe

Now imagine the conditional center of the Universe and that you know the trajectory, speed, direction of the Earth relative to this center. In this case, you can navigate like GPS. But I think it’s still more interesting and if there are aliens that travel in interstellar space, then they are oriented not even by some conditional center of the Universe, but by a more complex coordinate system that takes into account the movement of all coordinate systems they know: planets, galaxies, black holes and others.

Probably, the influence of these speeds on each other, expressed in mass, gravity, and similar properties of energy motions, is also taken into account. Something like an advanced navigator.

Quarks and similar fundamental particles are represented in the form of energy, where the movement of this energy is limited by certain frames (coordinate system). The two basic conditions for the existence of the universe are energy and motion.

One without the other is unthinkable from the point of view of observations. Everything else is the properties of these various movements.

And a little about speed. Speed ​​is the difference in changes in distances between objects, so it is always a relative value of distances. Not as we are accustomed to “distance in time”, but only a change in the distances between objects relative to conditional coordinate systems.


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