Promising test results for one of the US COVID experimental vaccines

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Moderna, an American biotechnology firm, announced on Monday the promising results of the first clinical trials of an experimental new coronavirus vaccine in a small number of volunteers.

A company from Cambridge, Massachusetts, said the mRNA-1273 vaccine candidate elicits an immune response in eight people who received it, similar to that found in people recovering from the virus.

“These Phase 1 interim data demonstrate that mRNA-1273 vaccination elicits an immune response comparable in magnitude to that caused by a natural infection,” said Moderna Chief Physician Tal Sachs.

“These data confirm our belief that mRNA-1273 is potentially capable of preventing COVID-19 disease and increasing our ability to choose a dose for basic research,” Sachs said.

President Donald Trump welcomed the news, saying that “it’s unbelievable what they can do, and I saw the results. And the results are amazingly good, Trump told reporters. “So I’m very happy, and the market is very large.”

Company representatives said the vaccine was “generally safe and well tolerated,” and that patients only suffered from redness or soreness from injections.

During a conference call, Moderna CEO Stefan Bunsel said preliminary tests inspire confidence that mRNA-1273 has a “high probability of protection” from the virus.

Separate tests performed on mice showed that the vaccine prevented the virus from multiplying in their lungs, according to the company.

The vaccine is being developed in partnership with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, led by Anthony Fauci, and a clinical test has been conducted by the National Institutes of Health.


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