New study: COVID-19 patients no longer become infectious after 11 days

(ORDO NEWS) — According to a new study by scientists from Singapore, already 11 days after infection with coronavirus, patients become absolutely not dangerous to others. The results are from the Singapore National Center for Infectious Diseases and the Academy of Medicine.

The study showed that a person infected with COVID-19 is most contagious two days before the onset of symptoms. The study then claims that patients remain contagious for seven to ten days after they show signs of the disease. They include high fever and persistent cough.

Researchers report that COVID-19 “cannot be isolated or cultured after the 11th day of illness. It turned out that positive tests in patients who still had symptoms after two weeks were extremely erroneous as a result of poor-quality tests or inaccuracies.

The study involved 73 patients infected with COVID-19. Here is what the study authors write:

“Based on accumulated data from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the [coronavirus] infectious period in people with symptoms can begin about two days before the onset of symptoms and lasts from seven to ten days after the onset of symptoms. Active replication of the virus drops rapidly after the first week, and in the second week of the disease, none of the patients of the viable virus were detected.”

“Research is still ongoing, and we are getting more and more data, but so far everything only confirms our observations. There is absolutely no reason to quarantine for more than two weeks.”

The Singapore Ministry of Health has confirmed that “dead viral components” are completely safe.

A previous study in Germany suggests that patients with COVID-19 stop spreading the virus by day 8 of infection. The only exceptions are immunocompromised patients, such as cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, or people receiving immunosuppression after transplantation. For them, the virus can remain viable for a longer period.


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