In the UK, bats discovered a new type of coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — In the UK, bats from the species of British horseshoe bats have been found to have a coronavirus. Experts noted that it has quite a lot in common with COVID-19, which infects people around the world.

At the same time, scientists have absolutely no evidence that the new virus can be transmitted to humans. There is also no information as to whether the virus will become dangerous in the future unless mutation occurs.

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In Wales, fecal samples were collected from more than 50 bats. Then they were sent to a laboratory for virus analysis.

In one of the collected samples, a genome was found that belongs to a completely new type of coronavirus. It was named RhGB01. It is worth noting that the study was conducted in early spring of this year, but confirmation of the data provided by specialists was provided only on July 19.

This case of the detection of coronavirus, which is related to SARS, was the first in the UK and it was in this species of bats. Most experts are inclined to believe that animals have been vectors for a long time, but this has only been established now.

The new virus carries no direct risk to humans, but only if no further mutation occurs. But no one gives a guarantee that this will not happen, therefore, when working with bats, specialists use special protective equipment.


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