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In Dublin, doctors removed 46 batteries from a woman’s stomach

In Dublin doctors removed 46 batteries from a womans stomach

(ORDO NEWS) — Doctors often talk about unusual cases in medical practice. Patients can harm themselves in the most unusual way, for example, by swallowing cylindrical batteries. This happened to a resident of Ireland.

A woman who swallowed 50 batteries was brought to St. Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin. Surgeons removed foreign objects from the stomach and intestines. Doctors miraculously managed to save her.

Little is known about the patient, her name has not been disclosed for ethical reasons, and there is also a medical secret. But the case is so unusual that it is impossible to remain silent about it either.

A 66-year-old woman deliberately swallowed batteries to harm herself. She went to the hospital not immediately, but a week later. All this time, part of what was swallowed came out of her naturally.

The rest of the foreign bodies stretched the stomach, which began to press on the intestines. This became the cause of obstruction, the batteries began to oxidize and slowly kill the patient. Then she got scared and called an ambulance.

In the hospital, the doctors took an X-ray and were horrified by what they saw. The old woman’s stomach stretched all the way to her pubic area. In the picture, he was completely covered with batteries.

Then she underwent emergency surgery and removed 46 AA and AAA batteries. The woman did not chew foreign bodies, but swallowed them whole.

Part of the batteries got stuck in the colon, they were also removed. Now the patient’s health is not in danger. She is under the supervision of doctors.

Psychiatrists will conduct an examination to understand how healthy she is mentally. An unhealthy craving for eating inedible objects is a mental disorder. People eat nails, hair glass, etc.

This case also entered the Guinness Book of Records, as it is the largest number of batteries swallowed by a person.


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