Identified risk factors for severe COVID-19 in vaccinated patients

(ORDO NEWS) — During their next study, American scientists were able to establish exactly what factors can cause a severe form of coronavirus in those patients who have received all vaccinations against the disease. The results of a study by Yale University specialists were published in the scientific publication The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

Scientists have studied the condition of almost a thousand patients who were admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of coronavirus. The complete vaccine was present in only 54 of them. The experts noted that this fact suggests that the vaccine really has quite strong protective properties.

After some time, it turned out that half of the vaccinated patients did not even have signs of the disease and turned to doctors for completely different reasons. Critical condition was observed in 14 people. They needed immediate oxygen support. As a result, four patients ended up in intensive care, three of them died.

The study showed that 14 patients had other diseases, and their age was almost 80 years. 12 people were found to have problems with the cardiovascular system, 9 were overweight. 7 patients suffered from diabetes mellitus and 7 more had previously suffered from various lung diseases.

Dr. Hyun Chun noted that most of those people who received the necessary vaccinations against coronavirus on time, suffer the disease in a very mild form.


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