36% of COVID-19 patients do not have antibodies to the disease

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(ORDO NEWS) — In 36% of those people who have had coronavirus, the body does not develop antibodies. These results were demonstrated by another study conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control. At the same time, it has been proven that if a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine is supplied, then antibodies will start to be produced. The only exceptions are people who have severe immune system problems.

This is reported by the Voice of America.

People who have previously had a coronavirus must also be vaccinated, because there is a fairly high risk of re-infection with a dangerous disease. It is worth noting that a study conducted by Rush University showed that people who had been ill who did not start producing antibodies, after vaccination, began to have exactly the same level of immunity as people who did not face COVID-19.

Experts from Rockefeller University also conducted a study and found that if a person was sick with coronavirus and at the same time received the vaccine, then he may develop “super immunity”. It reliably protects against a wide variety of strains of a dangerous infection. Paul Benasch replied that perhaps it will be possible not to be afraid of any of the variants of the coronavirus that are found today or may appear in the near future.


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