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Nostradamus Predictions for 2023 World War III, Famine and Economic Crisis

Nostradamus Predictions for 2023 World War III Famine and Economic Crisis

(ORDO NEWS) — The predictions of the medieval scientist Nostradamus have always aroused and continue to arouse genuine interest among people. He predicted many tragedies that have already happened in different countries of the world.

Nostradamus is believed to have accurately predicted landmark events such as Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, World War II, 9/11 and the French Revolution that shaped our world.

The French mystic astrologer wrote 6,338 prophecies, including when, where and how the dramatic end of the world would come.

Despite the fact that researchers interpret Nostradamus’ quatrains in different ways, their opinions often converge. This also applies to 2023.

The famous quatrains of the seer are studied by specialists and lovers of the paranormal. This is not surprising, because many of the predictions of Nostradamus came true during his lifetime, the prophecies remain relevant to this day.

In his quatrains, the famous astrologer encoded in allegorical form those events that will have to happen to humanity in the future.

French astrologer’s predictions for 2023

World War III

Without going into the intricacies of calculating the dates, which the predictor also encrypted, we can say that it is next year that the Third World War will begin.

At least, many researchers of quatrains insist on this. So, John Hoag in his book “Nostradamus. The Complete Prophecy” writes that a global military conflict will occur in the 2020s.

At the epicenter of action will be Russia, the United States and China.

Nostradamus wrote: “Seven months of the great war, people are dead from atrocities.”

It is quite logical that a small conflict can escalate even more, leading to a third world war.


Although the prediction of famine was previously attributed to 2022, researchers now believe that perhaps the French scientist had in mind 2023 after all. As mentioned above, such disagreements are related to the interpretation of dates.

Be that as it may, in the future, according to Nostradamus, people driven by hunger will begin to move from place to place, but this will not affect the situation in any way. Problems with drinking water and crops due to the use of chemical and nuclear weapons will remain.

Economic crisis

The collapse of the economy in 2023, which Nostradamus also foresaw, can be considered a natural consequence of the global conflict. Joseph Johmans, who studies ancient texts, reports that in his quatrains the French alchemist spoke of the depreciation of money.

In 2023, people will supposedly kindle fires from banknotes, because the money will no longer be good for anything.

There will be riots, depositors will storm the banks, demanding damages, but the doors will not be opened to them.

Natural disasters

The French pharmacist and alchemist Michel de Notredam predicted that the 21st century would be marked by a large number of all kinds of natural disasters and natural disasters. Will not be an exception, according to Nostradamus, and 2023.

And this is not surprising: it was in the indicated year that the soothsayer saw a change in the Earth‘s orbit. Moreover, researchers believe that Nostradamus predicted the fall of a huge meteorite on our planet, as evidenced by one of the quatrains about a trail of fire in the sky.

Fall of light on Mars

Looking into our galaxy, the French mystic cryptically mentions “light falling on Mars.” What these words mean is not yet clear. Maybe the fall of a meteorite on the Red Planet and its subsequent de-orbit?

New Pope

Among the predictions of Nostradamus for the coming year is the new Pope, who will replace Francis.

According to the soothsayer, Pope Francis will be the last real Pope, and the pontiff who takes his place will make a scandal.

“During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church, Peter of Rome will appear, who will feed his flock in the midst of many disasters, after which the city with seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible Judge will judge people.


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