Mysterious “hole in the center of the Earth” found on Google maps

(ORDO NEWS) — Google Maps gave the student and his parents a surprise after they stumbled upon a strange landmark. This was reported by Daily Star.

A young man, Rory Chapman, was planning a walk with his family on Hilbre Island in West Kirby, Merseyside, when he discovered an unusual name for the place on the Google map service.

Studying the satellite map of the island of Great Britain, Rory did not expect to find on it a “hole in the center of the earth” (“hole to the center of the Earth”). Above the coastline, he noticed a tourist icon (also known as a camera icon), above which there was just a strange inscription. His family was also confused.

Rory said, “My mom and I looked at the map of Hilbert Island when we were geography, so I knew where it was. I had never noticed this before, and when I saw it, I thought that a huge hole had been dug on one of the islands.”

google maps image

Netizens also tried to understand what this marking meant on the map. Someone jokingly suggested that there was an entrance to the center of the Earth, and there should be careful not to fall through.

By the way, since the discovery of the mysterious markings, it has already been removed.

The Hilbre Islands are a unique group of islands that are a local nature reserve and are of particular scientific interest.


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