More than 1,000 earthquakes hit California in a week

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(ORDO NEWS) — Over the past week, more than 1000 earthquakes have been recorded in California (USA). Lake Tahoe became the epicenter of events. One of the local residents, whose house is on the shore of the lake, said that for a whole week their area has been regularly shaken by tremors. 

Collaps News reports.

The earthquakes began in April, but they were not so regular and strong. Scientists are closely monitoring the seismic activity in the lake. So, for example, on May 29, tremors with a magnitude of 4.2 were recorded. Such shocks are already perceptible to humans. With such shocks, windows and doors in houses shake.

Seismologists continue to monitor the activity of tectonic plates in order to initiate evacuation in time if necessary. The entire California coastline lies along the Ring of Fire. And here there is a regular threat of earthquakes.

The Pacific Ring of Fire is the area around the Pacific Ocean that contains most of the active volcanoes. There are 540 active volcanoes in the world, of which 328 are in a ring of fire. It is constantly dangerous here, but people for thousands of years have already got used to living in such conditions. 


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