In India, chicken carries eggs with green yolks

(ORDO NEWS) — On a Shihabudheen farm from Malappuram, India, one of the hens lays eggs with a green “yolk”, and the chickens hatched from these eggs also carry “green” eggs.

Shihabudheen himself has no idea why the eggs are green.

“It was nine months ago when we first got such an egg with a green yolk from a chicken in our small poultry farm located near the house,” he said.

“At first we were struck and did not use the egg for consumption. All the eggs that the chicken carried were of this kind, and so we started to incubate the eggs.”


“Of the six chickens hatching from these eggs, several have already begun to lay their eggs, and these yolks are also green.”

In the end, his family began to eat strange eggs, however, it seems that they did not cause any unwanted side effects and, reportedly, tastes the same as ordinary eggs.

Experts at the Kerala University of Veterinary and Zootechnical University have since collected samples and are working to explain why chicken eggs on one farm in India have such a strange color.


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