Governance and security EU proposes new space debris tracking initiative

(ORDO NEWS) — Tens and hundreds of thousands of objects of different shapes and sizes revolve around the Earth in different orbits. All this is space debris and satellites. In the European Union, it is planned to pay more attention to this.

The European Union decided to take up the issue of space debris and other objects in near-Earth orbit. To this end, a “joint communication” was published to the European Parliament and the Council.

The initiative proposes to increase cooperation with the US and the UN to increase the EU’s ability to track objects in orbit. It is also proposed to develop rules that would regulate safety in space and determine who is responsible during dangerous situations.

Governance and security EU proposes new space debris tracking initiative 2                                                       Visualization of debris in Earth orbit

More about “joint messaging”

The report, for example, says that it is necessary to increase the capabilities of the European Union in the field of observation and tracking of objects in orbit (Surveillance and Tracking (SST)). Today, this program is carried out thanks to two sources of data:

  • Obtaining data from European space operators about their satellites.
  • Obtaining data on objects in orbit from the United States.

Now it is proposed to create our own, European facilities for these purposes. This would provide the EU with operational information about the state of affairs in orbit, and the Union would not be dependent on anyone. The document states that by 2023 it is planned to conduct an analysis of the architecture, and by 2025 – to deploy tracking systems.

Proposals for the development of standard rules are likely to be of primary concern only to European spacecraft operators. However, it is likely that other countries of the world will be encouraged to sign such agreements in order to standardize conditions for all, which will increase the level of safety in outer space.


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