Exclusive: Italian doctor spoke about the critical situation in hospitals

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A surgeon from a hospital in Bergamo complained in an interview with Corriere Della Sera about the critical situation in hospitals due to coronavirus.

According to the woman, there are not enough funds to help the sick.

“We transfer our anger on our feet. We don’t have tools to help everyone, we have only remedies. <…> The patient stops breathing, you give him a heart massage, of course, because you as a doctor cannot leave him to die. He looks at you. And when do you intubate him? Do you have a tube, but there is no mechanical ventilation device. And what?” leads the publication of the word doctor.

In addition, the surgeon spoke about the precautions that she was forced to take so as not to infect her husband and children.

“Before returning home, I warn my husband to keep the children away from me. I go to the bathroom, throw everything in the wash, stand in the shower for 40 minutes, tear myself with soap and water. Then I put on a mask, but still stay away from children,” publication said.

The doctor also mentioned that she cut off her hair in order to minimize the likelihood of the virus getting into the house.

The surgeon admitted that doctors have to communicate with relatives of deceased patients who cannot even say goodbye to them.

“We tell patients the words that their relatives give us over the phone, give them notes with messages and drawings of the grandchildren who bring us. We tell the relatives of the dead by phone to the relatives. I had to speak with two children of the patient, who live far from each other. They couldn’t even mourn him together. Not to mention holding his hand – even we can’t do it. They die alone and are taken to the morgue wrapped in tape with a disinfectant,” the doctor said, noting that many of her colleagues are on the verge of rvnogo failure due to anxiety and overwork.

She also shared the feelings that she experiences next to the sick.

“The patient knows what is happening, it can be read in his eyes.” Tell my wife that I love her “or” say hello to my newborn granddaughter, whom I did not have time to see,” said the surgeon.

In addition, she also complained about the lack of places in hospitals: some patients had to be placed in bathrooms, others were examined directly in ambulances.

Pandemic COVID-19

According to the latest data, more than 222 thousand people are infected in the world: 9115 patients have died, 84 thousand have recovered.

On Thursday in Italy, 427 people died from coronavirus per day. The total number of victims reached 3405 people. At the moment, it is known about 33.2 thousand infected, and over the last day this number has increased by 4.5 thousand.


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