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Doctor got out of the coffin during the burial and spoke about his stay in paradise

Doctor got out of the coffin during the burial and spoke about his stay in paradise

(ORDO NEWS) — I have already written about the resurrection of a man in Nigeria, and now I found a more detailed account of his journey to the afterlife.

Godwin Ugelu Amadou, 59, who was declared dead but came out of the coffin two days later at the burial site, spoke about what he saw in paradise after death.

This event shocked the people of the Gidan Angalu community in the Toto local government district of Nasarawa state in Nigeria.

Amadou stated that he could not fully remember everything that happened during his stay in the depths of death, except that at one moment he was writhing in agony, at another he felt relieved, and then he was in another place.

Amadou said “I thank God for giving me life again after I tasted death. It’s a miracle that God gave me a second chance and I think I’ll dedicate the days He gave me to live again worship Him and preach His gospel.”

“My journey to heaven was peaceful. I feel very confused about what God did to me. All I can remember at the moment is that I lost my memory when I was sick, but later people gathered in my village to mourn my passing.

The cloud opened up and I saw what looked like a giant golden space city suspended in space. I don’t know if this is what the Bible calls heaven, but there I was greeted by an angel of enormous height of 20 meters, who stood in front of the gate.

The angel had a beautiful sword and wore what looked like golden hair. Looking around, I found that two more angels were standing behind him, holding books with the words of God.

The three angels had a short conversation among themselves and then allowed me to enter the heavenly city. Entering the city, I met a childhood friend who died 22 years ago.

His name was Choco Aguma. It was he who led me through the city, where everyone was devoted to the worship of God.

He did ask about many people, but I told him that I had lost contact with some, that some were still alive, while others were long dead.

About 450 meters from what looked like the throne of God, I was fascinated by the sign on the street “God’s unrecorded blessings and mercy.”

Therefore, I can confidently confirm to you that I went to heaven, and not to hellfire, and I returned successfully, plucking up the courage to preach the gospel for the rest of my life.

I gave my life to God. He is real.

When I was in heaven, I was told how my children fought for my life when I got sick. I was also told about my activities as a local doctor, about all the events leading up to my death, and about the preparations for my burial, when Christ appeared and resurrected me from death.

I was told that Christ woke me up because if I were carried to the grave in a coffin covered with sand, it would be very difficult for me to return, because I would not have the strength to get out of the grave.

I woke up and felt cold. I cautiously climbed out of the coffin, and the people who had come to console my wife and children began to run away instead of coming to save me.”

Amadou added: “I thank God because I know that He has heard the prayers of my children who wished me to live to 86 years old to see them become influential and responsible members of society, which the whole community will look up to. Praise God Almighty, their faith brought me back to life.”

He described the land of death as peaceful, quiet and calm.

“This place is filled with myriads of angels, which are very high, and there is light everywhere. There is no darkness, and the angels have been talking about Jesus Christ all the time, since the morning.

It talks about what the Bible says about Jesus Christ, and everyone there is committed to the Bible and its teachings by angels, and this presentation convinced me to completely change and return to Christ as my personal savior.

I am no longer a local doctor and I believe that Jesus Christ is the way. He can heal and raise the dead.

Being in a cool sky city, I saw many of my childhood friends, peers and some girls who died many years ago.

Some people didn’t recognize me because I was very old. They are all there, enjoying life to the fullest.

I saw Juliana, Abava, who were my friends. Now they are sharing the words of the gospel in the city. I also saw Abunaga, Tonga Thomas, Ishaya, who were my age. They were very happy that I joined them in the cool city.

They asked about many people who I know have died, but they are not in the city, maybe they are on the other side.

I looked for my father and mother, but I did not see either of them; perhaps they are also on the other side.

There food is served free and in large quantities. Paradise is a really interesting place and I would like never to return to this world.

But now that I have returned to this world, I will dedicate the rest of my earthly life to the service of God.”

Recalling the experience, his wife, Mrs. Salomi Amadou, said she was shocked that her husband came back to life two days later.

She said: “At first I was afraid to get close to him. This made my eldest son spend some time with us in the village to make sure we were not afraid. But gradually we recover from the shock to communicate with him.

The most pleasing thing is that he prays all the time after his resurrection. He is absolutely a man of God, although I have not yet begun to sleep with him in the same house, and he did not ask for it.

But it’s all right. We thank God that he has returned, this time as a man of God. That’s what I can say at the moment.”


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