Chinese astronauts went into outer space from a new station

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(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese astronauts Cai Xuzhe and Chen Dong took to space on Saturday from China‘s new space station, which will be fully completed by the end of this year.

China has begun building its own space station after being excluded from the ISS program due to China’s space program being run by the military.

It was the second spacewalk in a six-month mission to monitor the completion of the Tiangong space station.

The first of the two laboratories, a 23-ton module, was delivered to the station in July, while the second will be launched later this year.

The third crew member, Liu Yang, supported the other two astronauts during the spacewalk. Liu and Chen made their first spacewalk about two weeks ago.

Soon they will be joined by 3 more astronauts, and this will be the first time that six people will be on board the station.

China became the third country after the Soviet Union and the United States to send a man into space. China has also launched spacecraft to the Moon and Mars and brought samples of lunar soil back to Earth.


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