Thousands of scientists have warned that the whole world will be covered by a global climate catastrophe

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2019, more than ten thousand scientists from 153 countries of the world published a statement calling on the leaders of world powers to take urgent measures – otherwise all of humanity will be in big trouble.

Over 11,000 scientists from around the world gathered to declare a climate emergency. Their article, published in 2019 in the journal Bioscience , focuses on the scientific side of this problem, as well as ways to deal with it.

In recent years, this topic has been raised constantly. However, signatories from 153 countries note that society has taken too little active action to prevent a climate catastrophe.

Despite long-standing claims that burning fossil fuels causes serious harm to the environment, the global industry is in no hurry to switch to alternative and cleaner energy sources.

Of course, these are banal laws of business – but greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere are steadily growing, and humanity itself suffers from this in the first place.

In addition to temperature, world leaders need to pay attention to many other indicators, from population growth and energy consumption to annual economic losses from extreme weather events.

According to scientists, only comprehensive measures can prevent a planetary crisis. They call for action and have prepared a step-by-step program for this.

This program includes replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, reducing warming-enhancing pollutants (such as hydrofluorocarbons), reforestation, reducing animal meat consumption, stabilizing the world’s population, and transforming the economy.

The old model, based on environmentally harmful production, must be developed further – otherwise we will face a catastrophe. Here is an excerpt from their manifesto:

“…As an Alliance of Global Scientists, we are ready to help decision makers move towards a sustainable and equitable future.

We call for broad scrutiny of vital signs indicators that will enable policy makers, the private sector and the public to better understand the magnitude of this crisis, track progress and set priorities for climate change mitigation.

The good news is that these changes, which involve social and economic justice for all, hold the promise of far greater long-term well-being for people than business as usual.

We believe that the outlook is best if decision makers, as well as all of humanity, respond quickly to this warning and declare a climate emergency.


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