The girl came to the optometrist and found out that she had brain cancer

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the residents of Great Britain visited an ophthalmologist due to the fact that her eyesight began to fall and she needed glasses. In addition, she began to develop severe headaches that did not go away for a long time.

The specialist shocked the girl when he said that these are symptoms of brain cancer. Just three days after the diagnosis was made, the student underwent surgery on the tumors that could have been fatal. Reported by the Mirror.

Samantha Griffiths survived the death of her beloved grandmother in 2016, so she attributed her health problems to the consequences of severe depression. The therapist, to whom the girl turned for help, also did not attach much importance to these symptoms.

After some time, Samantha began to suspect that her emotional state did not in any way affect her vision loss. After that, she immediately turned to an ophthalmologist for help.

She only wanted to check the state of her eyesight and find out if she needed to wear glasses. Instead, the doctor shocked Samantha and said that a decent-sized tumor was developing in her head. Literally three days later, the girl underwent an operation, which was completely successful.

The specialists did not begin to remove the neoplasm, but after surgery it no longer bothers Samantha.

At the moment, the girl is already 24 years old. She leads a very normal life, but at the same time regularly visits the clinic for an MRI and a check of her vision.


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