The dates of strong magnetic storms in August

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(ORDO NEWS) — In August, humanity will experience several strong enough magnetic storms at once, which will affect weather-dependent people. Literally in the middle of the month, you should wait for the first increase in solar activity, so you should start preparing for the upcoming outbreak today.

This is reported by APnews.

An increase in solar activity should be expected at the end of summer. The first magnetic storm will occur on August 2-3. Most of all, it will affect those people who have problems with the heart or blood vessels. It will not be too strong, so it will practically not affect the rest of the people.

Experts warn that a fairly strong storm will happen on August 10. At this time, solar activity will be average, and a solar flare will affect absolutely all meteorological people. On August 13-14, the activity will decrease slightly, so the state of health will become much better.

During this time, it is worth preparing for the next magnetic storm, which is expected from 16 to 20 August. During this time, severe headaches, mood swings, joint aches and other unpleasant symptoms may occur.

A magnetic storm of medium strength can occur on August 29, so on this day it is best to rest and refuse any physical or emotional stress.

In order to make it easier to endure upcoming events, it is worth giving up bad habits, reviewing your diet and always having medicines for certain diseases on hand. If the state of health deteriorates very much, then it is better to call an ambulance or see specialists.


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