Scientists have found out how much money people want for an ideal life

(ORDO NEWS) — The authors of this major study received evidence that not every one of us dreams of becoming a billionaire, and the established opinion about the greed of people is a myth.

One of the fundamental concepts in economics is limited resources , that is, the gap between the unlimited needs of a person and the scarcity of resources that are available to him at any given moment.

For example, following this concept, we all constantly want more money, even when we are rich or realize that there are no ways to achieve wealth.

But a study by psychologists from the University of Bath (Somerset, UK) showed that this principle applies only to a minority and is far from universal, while for most people a certain amount of money, albeit a significant one, is enough.

Scientists conducted a survey among 7860 residents of 33 countries on six continents to understand how much money people want for an “absolutely ideal life” and satisfaction of desires.

Since in reality it is almost impossible to get rich just like that (you need, for example, either to work hard, or take risks and invest, or successfully marry, receive an inheritance, or engage in criminal activity), the study participants had to imagine that they would win any the requested amount in the lottery – starting from 10 thousand dollars.

The authors of the work suggested that, according to the concept of limited resources, the subjects will always choose the maximum amount of money possible in this study – $ 100 billion.

This is enough to become the richest on the planet. However, this option was preferred by only 8% (China) to 39% (Indonesia) of residents of the countries where the survey was conducted.

According to the researchers, the answers did not depend on how developed the country in which the participant lived, gender, educational level and socioeconomic status.

“But people with unlimited needs tended to be younger, city dwellers, valued power, success and independence, lived in countries with a greater bias towards collectivism and power distance summed up psychologists.


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