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Mysterious 7,000-year-old circular structure discovered in Czech Republic

Mysterious 7 000 year old circular structure discovered in Czech Republic

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Czech Republic, archaeologists have discovered a monumental round structure, which is about 7,000 years old. It is located near Prague, in the suburban area of ​​Vinorž.

According to Arkeonews, archaeologists are currently exploring a mysterious Neolithic object. Scientists hope that additional research will clarify the purpose for which this monumental structure was built, as well as who used it and how.

According to archaeologists, the found object was erected between 4600 and 4900 BC. This means that it is much older than both the famous Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids.

This building is generally one of the oldest in Europe. At the same time, experts note that it has been preserved very well. Archaeologists have classified it as a roundel.

“The so-called roundels are the oldest evidence of architecture in all of Europe,” says Jaroslav Rydky from the Institute of Archeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague.

“They are a series of circular ditches that are always arranged in a circle with two, three, four or more entrances to the center Circular ditches usually number from one to three, very rarely four.

The entire structure averages 30 to 240 meters in diameter, but the most common structures are in the range of 60 to 80 meters.

Ditches are usually about one and a half meters wide, but we know ditches up to fourteen meters wide and up to six meters deep.”

According to the head of the study, Miroslav Kraus, it is still unclear exactly what function these structures performed.

According to one theory, these were some kind of economic centers or centers of trade.

Other theories suggest that such monumental structures could have been used for some kind of religious cult, where rites of passage or rituals related to the seasons were performed.

“The roundels were built in the Stone Age, when people had not yet discovered iron,” notes Miroslav Kraus. “The only tools they could use were made from stone and animal bones.”

The expert also added that to date, about 200 such structures have been found in Central Europe, and 35 of them are located in the Czech Republic.

The roundel found in Vinoře has a diameter of 55 meters. Experts note its unusual layout – this object was equipped with three separate entrances.


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